Tuesday, 11 December 2012

P4 Assessment 4 -Paper 2(Pu Sze 2010)

1. -snake-scaly(有鳞的)-
    The snake is scaly.

2. –rainbow-seven-
   The rainbow has seven colours.

3. –wakes-six-
    The girl wakes up(起身) at six o’clock.

4. -birds-chip(吱吱叫)
    The birds chip happily.

5. –watering-garden-
    The man is watering plants in the garden.

6. –received-Chinese New Year-
    We received(收到) “angpow” during Chinese New Year.

7. -fish-aquarium(玻璃缸)-
     The fish is in the aquarium.

8. –uncle-big-
    My uncle has a big bungalow(洋房).

9. –sister-shorter-
    Mei Ling’s sister is shorter than her.

10. –curry-kitchen-
     My mother is cooking chicken curry(咖喱鸡) in the kitchen.


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